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Archive for January, 2009

Jaguar XK Roadster

Friday, January 16th, 2009

A few weekends ago I ran into an old Jaguar XK Roadster in the parking lot of a local grocery store and I snapped a few photos with my handy dandy iPhone. Hell of a thing to drive a classic Jag to pick up milk, but at least the guy (or girl) drives it.

I was in a rush at the time so I didnt have a chance to wait and talk with the owner and my Jag history isnt the greatest but if I was to guess I think its a 1958 Jaguar XK 150. I’m not a fan of white cars and red interiors usually don’t do it for me but I have to admit it the car was awesome.

Macworld 2009 Keynote

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

applecom_bebacksoon It’s that time of year again, the main keynote speech by Phil Schiller at the Macworld 2009.  Check out Tuaw’s Live  Blog if your really interested.

Typically this is Steve Job’s domain but with his cancer and hormone imbalance the torch has been passed to Phil Schiller, the chief marketing execuitive at Apple.

At this point most bloggers would go all nerdy and predict the next round of shiny new products.  I’ll skip that and just cross my fingers for a 32 gig 3G iPhone.  Is it really so much to ask for decent memory size for my best friend?

In case you’re wondering the photo is a screenshot of the “We’ll be back soon” message currently live on the Apple Store website.