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Camo Car Unveiled (finally)

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” errr nope that”s not it. Let me try again.

Way back on Dec 21, 2008 , I published a blog called Camo Car Test Fleet Spotted which describes my short but memorable encounter with a test car covered with a crazy sticker pattern and some fabric sheets intended to camouflage the interesting bits.  Fast forward to 2010 with a new president handing out universal health care,  its about time I follow up on my predictions to please my demanding yet loyal fan base.

Item #1 – The tip I submitted to my favorite car porn site, Autoblog, was never pick up.  Boo!!! No matter, as their parent company AOL, Inc just dropped a load of cash in 2009 and the outlook is not so hot for 2010.  Face.

Part B – The spied car is not a BMW or even from that little industrious country called South Korean; turns out  its actually a Buick Lacross. Yeah I know, how can I call myself a car guy and confuse an American car with a German?  Apparently it happens.

Number C – That LaCross (shudders) does not have any cutting edge technology like vertical take off or a hybrid engine.  Under the bonnet lies a lazy American V6 or a pathetic Inline 4. Weak.

Looking back on the experience like an old man on his death bed, I completely blew my one chance in going rogue to be a professional car spy photographer dude.  Bummer.