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Camo Car Test Fleet Spotted

Last Saturday afternoon, December 13th 2008, while driving back from our families annual buy a Xmas tree from a parking lot routine, Dad spotted what he called “3 weird looking cars”. Here are the photos.

I was in the backseat playing with my iPhone, Dad was driving and Mom was talking about something in the front passenger seat. I immediately looked up and saw three 4 door cars with white & black see sheets covering the front and rear fascias with what I would call zebra style stickers on the doors and roof. I knew we came upon some long term testing of a soon to be released car so I immediately pulled out the camera, rolled out down the window and stuck my upper body outside the car to take some shots. As soon as the drivers spotted me with the camera they changed there driving style and tried to lose us. Thanks the California four way stop rules we were able to slide in between the number 1 and 2 car paving the way from some decent up close profile style shots. We followed the cars for a few moments while I adjusted my camera settings to action to cut down on the blurriness from my shaky hand. We then pulled up on a 4 way lighted intersection when the lead car decided it would take an illegal right hand turn from the left hand lane. Dad decided he wanted to go home on account of a dead tree on our roof and decided to stop following the three cars. At this time the number two car pulled up on our right side and I rolled down the windows and started to take photos. By this time the third car had pulled over for a few moments so I was able to jump out the car and run to the intersection and grab a few shots. If there was ever a time to be in my S2000 now would have been perfect with a passenger to take the photos of course.

A few things to note, with my head out the window in the backseat of the Pilot take photos of the number 2 car I could not hear the car’s engine while it idled and when it took off. Which leads me to believe it was a hybrid of some sort. But when the third car took the right hand turn I could hear and engine definitely an automatic. As a result I believe three different engine and/or transmissions configurations were being tested because of the sounds I hear…well lack of engine noise.

Now for those of you that know me I have quiet an affinity for cars and have been developed a very unhealthy obsession through the years thanks to Top Gear, my favorite car porn site AutoBlog and of course the car magazine, Car and Driver. From my this I can identify the year make and model of practically any car on the road today include list of facts such as HP, Brake Torque, 0 to 60 times, 1/4 mile times, etc. but I can not positively identify the make and models of these disguised cars. If I had to guess I would say Asian, specifically Lexus. Although they did have Blue Michigan license plates but the cars were sporting expensive LED brake lights .

Those of you with a keen eye may notice the kidney shaped grill of the #3 car (BMW’s trademark) but keep in mind that one of the tricks to help hide a car is to model fake body parts. Don’t believe me? Read this article from Car and Driver who interviewed the man who Hides Cars for a Living. I wonder if its an Korean car, its for sure not German because the filler cap is on the left side.

Anyways, if you have ideas please post your predictions and one day soon we’ll know Make and Model. Now the only thing left to do is email my favorite car porn site and see if they’ll pick up my grammatically incorrect post.


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  1. sarah says:

    it looks like it could be the latest holden commodore. the australian car. i mean, im not sure if its in america yet. but the c pillars look exactly like the commodore and teh big behind suggests this aswell. i could be wrong, but commodore are so common in australia and not american. holden being a sub-brand of GM motors…its possible maybe they were testing it out in the US. just a though, i could be wrong.


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