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The Monitor Curse continues

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

It’s BACK and it only took 10 days to appear.

Corner of my 10 day old Samsung SyncMaster 226BW Monitor.jpg
Check out the scratch crack at the top right of my new monitor case. The curse’s power is growing faster than I anticipated. Just so we are clear, I did not harm this monitor in any way shape or form. I took it out of the box, set it up on my desk, plugged it in and left it ALONE. It’s not like I grabbed it and threw it up against the wall in a drunken rage like those trashy day time soap operas. I digress. I’m heading off to work and then BAM, it hit me like Britney Spears and an unwanted pregnancy. Right away I knew what it was…TheKyle Monitor Curse in physical form. At that point I did the only thing I knew to do – stare it down. I took a step back, gathered my energy and focused intently at it. After a minute of two or virtually no movement I knew I was beat. My frail human body failed me, again.

Hopefully my stare down weakened him but only time will tell.

You’re probably thinking about now, well it was there when he bought and he just missed it. Wrong again my lonely friend (why else would you read this?). This piece of slightly attractive technology was packed like all other modern electronics in that it was decorated with many pointless stickers trying to (re)educate you on its cool features. Take a hint genius, I already bought the damn thing so why do you feel its necessary to remind me of the product specs and features? My point to all of this nonsense is I distinctly remember having to remove a sticker from the top right corner. The very same place where the crack lives.

So face on you and all disbelievers out there and especially those of you named Martin.

New Monitor

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

So it’s official, this morning I woke up and face the music – I killed another monitor.

This one, my 19 inch Viewsonic A90f+ died a horrible death. First the image lost its sharpness on the outside edges. That went on for about a week, no big deal but very annoying. Next came the death blow when the screen would randomly shift and jump around. It’s hard to describe but the screen would just move left or right for no reason which combined with the blurry edges gave me terrible headaches. So I put it on my dead monitor list.

I’ve lost count but the list has no less than 5 other monitors.

I know I have a bad habit of breaking monitors and the worst part is it extends to all aspects of my life. I’ve killed 2 monitors that I didn’t even own; one was my best friend’s and the other from work. Well actually it didn’t break the monitor it just decided to stop working when I was near by. Yep that’s right, anytime I got within close proximity the screen would shut off. I know it doesn’t make sense so I went so far as to test it. And sure enough it knew when I was less than 3 feet away it would shut down. I think I must have damned it in a previous life or something. That monitor ended up going to another employee and I got a new and bigger one.

Anyways, I went out and bought me a new 22inch flat widescreen monitor from Samsung. It’s a 226bw and it’s really slick. You can switch between HDMI and analog inputs with a touch of the button so I can easily hook up multiple computers. Even better it has 2ms refresh rate which means no ghost images for those intense first person games and it’s got a ultra high resolution. Right now it’s set to 1680 by 1050, which translate to an impressive amount of desktop real estate.

I fully anticipate buying a new monitor in the near future. I’ll be happy if this one lasts me a year. And no I didn’t buy the warranty because with my luck it would break the day after expiration.

1680×1050 screenshot