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Macworld 2009 Keynote

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

applecom_bebacksoon It’s that time of year again, the main keynote speech by Phil Schiller at the Macworld 2009.  Check out Tuaw’s Live  Blog if your really interested.

Typically this is Steve Job’s domain but with his cancer and hormone imbalance the torch has been passed to Phil Schiller, the chief marketing execuitive at Apple.

At this point most bloggers would go all nerdy and predict the next round of shiny new products.  I’ll skip that and just cross my fingers for a 32 gig 3G iPhone.  Is it really so much to ask for decent memory size for my best friend?

In case you’re wondering the photo is a screenshot of the “We’ll be back soon” message currently live on the Apple Store website.

iPhone Annoyances List

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

iPhoneI’ve owned an iPhone since day one, fellow fanboys(girls) know this as June 29th 2007 and since then I’ve come to regard my iPhone as one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Over the last 547 days, thanks Excel, I’ve used every function on the iPhone as well as experienced a fair share of downloadable applications and I’ve come up with a list of annoyances that should be fixed. I know you’ve probably read plenty of articles pointing out the about lack of flash and cut/copy paste functionality so I wont go there…too late.

No one reads this blog so my list probably wont set off any fires at Apple headquarters but perhaps someone might just steal my ideas post them on a blog that actually matters; isn’t that the American way? So without anymore introduction here is my list in no particular order…

  • Inability to create new folders in the Email program
  • When switching between browser windows in Safari the page automatically reloads. Very annoying when in 3G / Edge mode
  • iPhone does not allow the user to delete or at least hide the standard applications. Do you really need a Camera and a Photo program which are virtually the same program?
  • The date in the calender is always the 28th, can’t it change with the day? Its the little things in life that matter
  • Inability to clear the search history box in Safari
  • I set my email to check every 30 minutes but the iPhone consistently does not alert me to new email until several hours later… hello anyone home?
  • I can not easily back up / edit my YouTube bookmark list. Despite what you think my YouTube car porn videos are important
  • How about coverflow view for my phone contacts? I go through all trouble to take photos for each of my contacts but I have no easy way to show them off to people


3G iPhone

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

The past few months the internets has been a buzz over the speculation of a release date for the next generation iPhone. Yesterday Gizmodo confirmed a June 2008 release date for the 3G iPhone. Although not an official release by Apple, our fellow nerds at Gizmodo have what I consider reliable sources.

Just to remind my three readers, I did wait in line almost all day on June 29th, 2007 at my local Apple Store to buy my piece of nerd history. Check out my oh-so-cool “iGot iPhone” t-shirt the Apple employees gave the first 20 nerds who waited. It’s in perfect mint condition so one day I can sell it on eBay for less than a gallon of gas. Hurray.

Back to the point – I’m excited over the possible iPhone upgrades such as 3G, GPS, Video Camera (?), improved battery life, and of course the SDK. So yes, I’ll be buying iPhone 2.0 and I think I’ll be waiting in line… again.