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Fire Update

Its been almost a week since the fire and I thought I’d wrap up a few items.

  1. I’m totally fine nothing of mine burned, water didnt reach my unit and the smoke has cleared. You can still smell smoke the moment you step into the hallway.
  2. HOA started the clean up efforts right away with patching the affected common areas. They also left heat lamps to help dry out the water soaked walls and the carpet as well as left Portable air filters and giant air circulators (not sure the actual name) on pretty much 247 to help remove the smell.
  3. I’ve heard a rumor the HOA will be inspecting all units to ensure the gas fire places are safe. I haven’t heard official word from the HOA but I think its a great idea.

Fire Repair 1 Fire Repair 2 Fire Repair 3 Fire Repair 4 Fire Repair 5 Fire Repair 6

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