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Samsung 46inch LCD HDTV

Its official – I’ve entered the world of High Definition Television!

Earlier today I mounted my beautiful 46 inch Samsung LNT-4665F above my fake fireplace which is situated right in the middle of my living room. I have to say the image is ridiculous. HDTV is awesome and Halo 3 in 1080P via HDMI cables is just insane. The TV’s image quality is so sharp, clean, crisp and smooth. I had to re-watch the best scenes from my favorite movies like Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Contact and Sneakers. Me likey.

Ironically the one down side is the image quality of this TV. Yeah that’s right, any video source less than 1080P or HD (whatever the proper term is) causes the TV to display flaws. In fact even regular DVD’s appears grainy and less than ideal. BlueRay and HD DVD’s were invented for a reason and until now I didn’t know why. Great now I have to go out and buy a new piece of technology.

“Let us all bask in Television’s warm glowing warming glow” – Homer Simpson.

Halo3 in 1080PHDTVNew 8 in HDTV

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