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3G iPhone

The past few months the internets has been a buzz over the speculation of a release date for the next generation iPhone. Yesterday Gizmodo confirmed a June 2008 release date for the 3G iPhone. Although not an official release by Apple, our fellow nerds at Gizmodo have what I consider reliable sources.

Just to remind my three readers, I did wait in line almost all day on June 29th, 2007 at my local Apple Store to buy my piece of nerd history. Check out my oh-so-cool “iGot iPhone” t-shirt the Apple employees gave the first 20 nerds who waited. It’s in perfect mint condition so one day I can sell it on eBay for less than a gallon of gas. Hurray.

Back to the point – I’m excited over the possible iPhone upgrades such as 3G, GPS, Video Camera (?), improved battery life, and of course the SDK. So yes, I’ll be buying iPhone 2.0 and I think I’ll be waiting in line… again.

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  1. Kelvin Holleman says:

    just bought an iPhone 3G for my mom as a birthday present. she is very happy about her new iPhone.. ‘

  2. Meghann Stonefield says:

    i can say that the iPhone 3G has the best design and erconomics when it comes to 3G phones.

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