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Last Day

Today was the day, the last day.

The last two weeks at work have been shall I characterize as strange. I’ve always been included in virtually all meetings that affect the department I work in; but as I time inched closer to today I found my presences excused. I’ve always been the go to guy at work and I loved it. I expected this but its something that is difficult to prepare for.

The last few days I could sense a look of panic on a few employees faces as I transitioned my case load over to them as well as poured out three years worth of company process and client history.

I spent most of the day answering last minute questions and finalizing my exit. I concluded my final day with a company party which are typically called “beer 30s” but was changed to “Kyle 30” – I was honored.

I’ll miss everyone but its time for me to move on.

Stay tuned as I blog about my new work adventure.

One Response to “Last Day”

  1. Marley says:

    Woohoo! Finally you wrote something else on your blog.

    I was getting tired of Sammy the turtle. No offense, Sammy.

    I am going to miss you terribly at work. It was kinda weird seeing Art sitting your office today. But I know that good things will come from your new job so I’m not worried about you. You’ll be the Go To Guy at your new job soon enough. Just you wait and see.

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